A Brief Update on Knight of the Blue Surcoat

“Houston – we have a release date”(partially) . . .

Most of you probably know that I have a novel coming out this summer (screams inside every time she writes that)

Okay – maybe it’s not quite like winning an Oscar – BUT IT FEELS LIKE IT
Anyhow, I finally have a month – Knight of the Blue Surcoat is scheduled for release in AUGUST 2016. I’m still waiting to hear back on the exact date, but we are closer. Excuse me while I go off to do an excited dance . . .
B.A.P, everyone

There – now that I’m back – a few details:

  1. Any Advance Reader Copies should be available as soon as the layout is done. If you are a blogger/reviewer and are interested in reading a YA King Arthur retelling in exchange for an honest review, get in touch with me through the comments form. If I’ve already talked to you about this, I’ll contact you with details as soon as I have them. Savvy?
  2. PDF Advance copies are my publisher’s preferred format – just so you know. If this is a problem, make sure to tell me 🙂
  3. If this sounds interesting to you, but you have no idea what I’m talking about – Knight of the Blue Surcoat is a historical adventure fantasy about King Arthur’s daughter.

Here’s the synopsis (again, for some of you):

Being King Arthur’s daughter isn’t easy, but being his only heir is a nightmare. Sixteen-year old Melora has struggled with her role ever since her older brother was trampled to death in a hunting accident. Her father raised her to be a warrior queen, but Melora is too valuable to be allowed to test herself beyond the castle walls. She is trapped, surrounded by suitors who want her kingdom, and suffocated by her parents’ love. She wants to escape, but how can she leave when even the sight of a horse makes her paralyzed with fear?

Prince Orlando is expendable. His arrogant brothers and distant father were thrilled for him (and his prize stallion) to leave tiny Thessaly. Orlando heard tales of Arthur’s court, where men are measured by their worth. He came to prove himself; he didn’t plan on Melora. Her fear of horses is a challenge Orlando is willing to take, but befriending the princess earns him powerful enemies, including the wizard Merlin and Melora’s many suitors.

When Merlin curses Orlando to eternal imprisonment in the Celtic Otherworld, only Melora can save him and break the curse. But first, she’ll have to get on a horse. Melora travels from British shores to the coast of India on a madcap quest to find the keys to unlocking Orlando’s prison. Melora must overcome warriors, outsmart kings, and face her deepest fears if she wants to get Orlando out alive. Even if she can break the curse, will there be anything of Orlando left to save?

Sound like something you’d be interested in? See above ^^

This is a long shot, but I am planning to hold a launch party at the story I work at (in West Michigan), so if anyone reading this is nearby, be advised. For the rest of you, I plan on doing a blog count down and other fun activities as I have time, so stay tuned!!
Just when you thought you’d escape without a Bigbang gif . . .

I couldn’t be more excited, and thanks to everyone who has already shown so much interest and given so much support!!!

Give yourself a hand


12 thoughts on “A Brief Update on Knight of the Blue Surcoat”

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! 😀 😀 I was actually thinking about this the other day. (No, seriously, I was.) So I’m really happy to hear you finally have a release date-ish.

    I think we’ve talked about this before, but I’d be happy to both review the book and have you stop by the blog, either for an interview or guest post (your pick).

    And PDF is OK w me. I bought 5 reams of paper for printing out Draft #3 of TKC and haven’t opened the first one yet. So I’ve got a lot of paper to use. *lol*

    1. Yes to all the things!
      Aww, thanks – I actually think about it a lot (or try not to think about it, alternately . . . ). I’m just so glad that I have something concrete here. Waiting is the worst, in a lot of ways.

      Glad a PDF works. I actually have an easier time with them these days, since I’m so busy. I can read them on my phone if I have to.

      Thanks again for all the support!

  2. YAYYYY!!! I only just saw this due to lack of internet for a week buuuut I’m super excited! 😀 That’s awesome news! 😀 I am, tentatively, interested in being a reviewer — I’d love to but it depends how much is on my plate when the time comes! 🙂

    1. Thanks Deborah!!
      Yeah, who knows how the rest of the year will pan out when it’s this early in the game? I have been SOOO busy that I can hardly comment back, much less read a book. But there you go. I’ll definitely post more a bit closer to the date, but I just had to do some internet shouting, lol.

  3. Yaaaaaay hoorah hooraaaah, girl! This is so AWESOME!
    It’s exciting that you finally have a release date/month now. We can all look forward to August!

    I would definitely love an advanced copy! (as you probably already knew 😉 ). Also, I’d love to have you over on the blog to celebrate it’s release August. (interview or guest post, whichever you like). 😀

    1. THANK YOU!
      I have you on my list (that sounds either sinister or exclusive and snobby – not sure which).
      But seriously, I would love to do all of the above, and thanks for the support!

      <3 R

      1. Haha! I feel mighty snooty being on the list. *nose in air* Unless it’s sinister. Then I will run and scream and most likely get caught. 😛

        1. “Unless it’s sinister. Then I will run and scream and most likely get caught”
          Sadly, that would be the most accurate response for most people. We can’t all be amazing . . .

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