Beautiful People: More About Sull (Forgot to post in April)

There was no Beautiful People for April, so I borrowed one of the earlier ones . . . and promptly forgot to post it. So we’ll just pretend it’s still April. Humor me.

Beautiful People is a monthly writing meme hosted and originated by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In

Since I haven’t seen an official BP this month, I decided to nab one of the older ones that ran before I even participated. (Sara Letourneau did this first, and I happily borrowed her idea ;P).

Anyhow, I’m continuing my current trend and featuring my WIP, Red as Blood. I introduced the MC, Sull, in this post, and some of his “supporting cast” hereRed as Blood is a genderbent Snow White story inspired by vintage scifi, Greek Mythology, the high fashion scene, the food service industry, and my love of Korean and Japanese pop culture. *Yes – you read that right – and no, I’m not completely mad, just a little bit strange*

“What do you mean you’re not mad?”

Again, make sure to look back at the previous BP if you want to know more about Sull before we start.

Beautiful People April Freebie: Meet Sull, Part II

1) What is their full name and is there a story behind why they got it?

His *actual* name is Yu Baek Seol (유 백설 – with his surname listed first)

Baek Seol is *basically* the Korean equivalent of Snow White the fairy tale character/heroine of that story. It’s how you see it written out in Korean retellings of Snow White. “Sull” is how that last part is heard by The Sisters.

Story behind the name – Basically, Sull’s mother was obsessed with the story of Snow White, and she wanted a beautiful daughter who was “red as blood, black as ebony, and white as snow.” Sull is all of those things – but he’s a boy. His mother died soon after birthing him, and it never occurred to anyone to give him a different name. So there you go.

2) How old are they, and when were they born?

When the story begins, it’s just after Sull’s sixteenth birthday. Some of the story takes place in flashbacks of the previous year. As for when he was born, I don’t have a timeline figured out (exactly) for the world of Red as Blood, but it’s set centuries after an apocalyptic event took out (most) life on earth (for more on this, see The Last Coffee Shop). But I do know that he was born about 7 years after the TLCS ends.

3) Describe their physical appearance. (Bonus questions: 1. What is their race/nationality/ethnicity? 2. Do you have a picture of them? If so, include it!)

Since Red as Blood is set centuries after an apocalyptic event, all human survivors have dispersed through the galaxy, and become more or less one race/people, especially as defined by the aliens who far outnumber them. So I use “Earth terms” loosely here 😛

That being said, I had a very clear picture of Sull in my head all along (and his parents). His father is of Japanese, Korean, and European descent, and his mother is of Korean and European descent.

As for his appearance, he’s very slight, but with extremely pretty (read: girlish) features – long lashes, silky hair, perfect skin, full lips, etc.

From the beginning, Sull has always looked like a younger combination of Luhan (Chinese singer) and G-Dragon (Korean rapper/singer/songwriter Kwon Ji-yong) to me. So . . . in other words, Sull also resembles L from Death Note. Confused? Well, you know I have pictures (especially if you follow me on Pinterest) – here are three representative ones.

This picture is very Sull to me, lol


This is the best genderbent Snow White photo EVER (oh wait, no, that’s just Luhan . . .)


No idea who the artist is, but “L” belongs to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

4) Describe your character’s personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences.

1. unable to find one’s way; not knowing one’s whereabouts.
synonyms: off course, off track, disoriented, having lost one’s bearings, going around in circles, adrift, at sea, astray

2. denoting something that has been taken away or cannot be recovered.
synonyms: bygone, past, former, one-time, previous, old, olden, departed, vanished, forgotten, consigned to oblivion, extinct, dead, gone

“Lost” might be an obvious choice. Sull isn’t physically lost at the start of the novel, though he is definitely trying to lose himself. Both definitions above are perfect.

5) What theme song(s) fit their personality and story arc?

Sull actually has quite a playlist going. But 삐딱하게(CROOKED) by G-Dragon (again) is Sull’s theme song (and one of the major inspirations for his character as we first encounter him). The sound and feel of the song, the lyrics, and to be honest, the video (link below), all screamed Sull at me. It actually took me awhile to get around to watching the video, and it just solidified what I already suspected – this song is the perfect one song summary, so at least read the lyrics 🙂

(*disclaimer* None of these images, lyrics, etc, belong to me. They are being used as emphasis only, and I am making zero money from this post)

G-Dragon – 삐딱하게(CROOKED) w/English Subs
Lyrics and translation here (
Nothing ever lasts forever
In the end, you changed
There is no reason, no sincerity
Take away such a thing as love
Tonight, I’ll be crooked
Leave me alone
I was alone anyway
I have no one, everything is meaningless
Take away the sugar-coated comfort
Tonight, I’ll be crooked

I scream and get dizzy
 I vent out of boredom to other couples
 I start fights for no reason like a town gangster
 Sometimes, I purposely shake my leg, crookedly
 The main characters of the movie called this world is you and me
 A lonely island, lost and wandering
 The empty streets are filled with those who are alone
 Unlike my heart, the weather is so damn nice

I used to believe in you alone and I was happy
 But like a joke, I am left alone
 You used to promise me with your pinky finger
 But in the end


I’ll put on thick eyeliner, use a whole can of hairspray
 Leather pants, leather jacket with a frown
 I want to hide my pain and become even more crooked
 So you can feel sorry, I’ll spit toward the sky
 You’re scared of my crude words and my rough eyes
 But actually, I’m afraid, I want to go back but I have nowhere to go
 I want to love but no one to love, what am I supposed to do?
 I can’t turn it back

I used to believe in you alone and I was happy
 But like a joke, I am left alone
 You used to promise me with your pinky finger
 But in the end


Will you not say anything for me tonight?
 I didn’t know being alone would be this hard (I miss you)
 Will you be my friend tonight?
 On this good day, this beautiful day, this day where I miss you
 Tonight, I’ll be crooked

That last bit is pretty darn heartbreaking.

Sull is so full of pent-up anger, but inside, he’s extremely lonely and confused. I’m walking a fine line between a frustrating/annoying character and a really sad one here, and I think that “Crooked” sums him up so well.

As for Sull’s arc, I’ll throw in a few more pivotal songs with lyric snippets to give you the idea (and more links, if you dare . . .):
Red – So Far Away
Lyrics found here:
I am right here with you
I couldn't more close
Pretending that I'm in this moment
When I'm only a ghost

I listen to the words you're saying
Words I'm fighting to believe
It's like I'm living from a distance
When you're out of reach

Read more: Red - So Far Away Lyrics | MetroLyrics

If you listen to the song, listen closely to the cry in singer Michael Barnes’ voice. That’s Sull – right there.

MINO – 겁 (Fear) Feat. Taeyang

Translation and Full Lyrics found here:

 -- When I didn’t wanna see anything
The reason I forced my eyes to open wide
Is because I was just scared
It’s because I was suddenly scared
When I didn’t wanna say anything
The reason I raised my voice
There is no other reason
It’s because I’m afraid, I’m afraid --

It’s worth clicking through and reading all the lyrics to this song, because it was the other closest contender for the ultimate Sull song.

The Click Five – Don’t Let Me Go

Full lyrics found here:

. . . You try so hard to hide your scars
 Always on your guard

 Don't, don't let me go
 Don't make me hold on when you're not
 Don't, don't turn away
 What can I say so you won't
 No don't, don't let me go...

This is one that you should definitely listen to for the idea. Again, it’s the way Kyle sings it that is the clincher. It’s such a soft, sad, yet convicted sounding melody, you know?

Linkin Park – Leave Out All the Rest

Full lyrics found here:

. . .Don't be afraid
 I've taken my beating
 I've shared what I made

I'm strong on the surface
 Not all the way through
 I've never been perfect
 But neither have you

So if you're asking me
 I want you to know

When my time comes
 Forget the wrong that I've done
 Help me leave behind some
 Reasons to be missed

Don't resent me
 And when you're feeling empty
 Keep me in your memory
 Leave out all the rest, leave out all the rest

If you were listening to the radio seven years ago, there’s a good chance you heard this plaintive yet powerful song. Actually, if you were listening to the radio seven years ago, and had more rock leanings, you might have heard half the songs on this playlist . . .

6) Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character?

Wrath. Despite his calm, sullen, don’t-talk-to-me demeanor, Sull is filled with rage and hatred against the people and things that happened to him.

7) If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air), which one would they be?

Air. Changeable, unable to be chased or pinned down, unreliable, shapeless and formless yet taking up space. Getting the picture?

8) What is their favourite word?

Err, Free food? Sull doesn’t like many things, but he does like food. And yeah, I know that’s two words^^

9) Who’s one person they really miss? (It could be someone who’s passed away, or someone they’re not close to anymore, or someone who’s moved away.)

Sull’s father. Despite the fact that he also despises the man, he misses the relationship they never had, and what might have been. Also, despite what Sull has been through, he loves his father very, very deep down.

10) What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person?

Sights: Clothes, fabrics, rich colors

Sounds: Cameras, shouts, loud music

Smells: Perfumes, essences, and rich, spicy smells.


10 thoughts on “Beautiful People: More About Sull (Forgot to post in April)”

  1. Awwwww. I think I said last time that I’d want to hug Sull (even though I sensed he wouldn’t like being hugged), and I still feel that way now. All of the emotions you talked about for him – loneliness, anger, hurt, resentment – are palpable in your answers. So… yeah. He’s making my empathy reader go off the charts at the moment. 🙂

    And, to be honest, I think EVERYONE likes free food. 😉 I never pass it up!

    Is Sull’s father still alive but estranged from him in RAB? I can’t remember whether you’ve mentioned before…

    I can’t listen to the songs or see the videos because of where I am right now, but I’ll try to do it when I have a chance.

    1. He’s making my empathy reader go off the charts at the moment. ?

      😛 Good, that’s how I feel about him, so I’m glad it’s being conveyed so clearly!! All of my angsty mid-2000’s playlist binging is paying off . . .

      -On Free Food – yeah, I know, right? It was awful that when I was sitting there in deep contemplation, trying to think about what Sull was like, that was the ONLY thing I could think of! #evilauthor

      I don’t think I really mentioned Sull’s Dad much. He’s very much alive, but he’s the head of an immense fashion industry and he’s hardly been involved in Sull’s life. In fact, Sull (somewhat rightly) believes that he’s little more than an investment/asset to his father. In running away, Sull was not only trying to escape – deep, deep down, he wants to know if his father will miss more than just the money Sull brought in (as the most popular model for aforementioned company).

      Whether you listened to the songs or not – the important parts were the lyrics anyhow! (And half were translations). While the sound/music and (especially) the Crooked video are really indicative of who Sull is. Crooked is just soooo him. Which is funny, because I hadn’t actually watched the video way back when I was developing Sull (long before I mentioned him on the blog, lol). And then I watch that video, and I’m like “that’s Sull, that’s him,” *sends off happy author thoughts in G-Dragon’s general direction*

      Music is an interesting one here in general – because the “soundscape” for Red as Blood is so different from TLCS or Knight of the Blue Surcoat! For TLCS, I listened to waaay more dance music than normal, and a ton of 60’s tunes. Mid-2000’s post punk/hardcore and Korean hip-hop is a far cry from that 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. “-On Free Food – yeah, I know, right? It was awful that when I was sitting there in deep contemplation, trying to think about what Sull was like, that was the ONLY thing I could think of! #evilauthor”

        *lol* But I think free food is something that a lot of people get excited about. I know I do! So I thought that was cute. 🙂

        Awwwww. Gosh, what a backstory this poor boy has. 🙁 Is the thing he wants to know something that will be addressed or “resolved” (I couldn’t think of the right word) as part of Red As Blood?

        What was the general soundscape for Knight of the Blue Surcoat?

        1. The soundscape for Knight was much more like what you describe for TKC. While writing it, I listened to a lot of classical and medieval music (both European and world, depending on where my characters were). A lot of Yo-Yo Ma (one of my all-time favs) was involved. The playlist also included Anonymous 4, Two Steps from Hell, a pile of soundtracks (ranging from the Assassin’s Creed game tracks to LOTR), and selections from Within Temptation, Enya, Nine Lashes, Breaking Benjamin, Kamelot, and some more assorted hard rock/metal.

          As for Sull – yes, his non-relationship with his father is something I plan on “resolving” or fulfilling by the end of Red as Blood. It’s part of the character arcs, as of the outline stage.

  2. I liked getting to know Sull more, the fact that his theme song is Crooked, makes me feel bad for him already. This book sounds awesome!

    1. Thanks Skye!!
      As I was saying to Sara – I’d heard Crooked way before I actually watched the video, but both of them are so Sull that it’s too perfect. I’m glad that’s a plus factor for you 🙂 (Spaces out thinking about how much she loves that song).
      Did you happen to listen to Fear – the one with Mino from Winner and Taeyang from Bigbang? It’s about half rap, but it’s really Sull too, and Taeyang’s voice is sooogood. Actually, the cry in both of their voices is perfect.
      Thanks again, and here’s to hoping you will read it eventually!

  3. Aww Sull! I should give him a hug whether he struggles or not. So much sympathy, empathy for this little guy!
    Intense heartbreaking lyrics, they give even more insight into Sull’s being; glad you added them.
    I’d listened to Crooked before, so I right away got a sense of what Sull is like. 🙂

    1. See – Crooked – it’s his song, so satisfying.

      Poor Sull – we might all have to hug him. I hope you all end up liking him as much when you get to read about him in his own words.

      Aren’t those lyrics fabulous? You should listen to Fear, if you didn’t (even if you’re not keen on rap). And have you listened to Red?

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