A Little Bit About Me

As much as I’d like to be enigmatic or mysterious, I’ve already put stuff out there on the internet (removing all mystery forever). So just in case you ever wondered, here are 31 random facts about yours truly. (gifs belong to respective copyright holders, and I found them on Tumblr.com)
1. My name is Rebekah. King James Bible spelling.

2. I go by my full name, or Beck. Never Becky.

3. I am a Christian. In the classical tradition of the Reformation and the apostles. Soli Deo Gloria

4. I <3<3 Doctor Who!


5. I am a writer (mainly fiction), and that has been my career path since I was 11.

6. Though I intend to write regardless, I am considering going back to school to get a degree in something interesting, like archaeology or Asian History.

7. I love both Star Wars and Star Trek, but I prefer the former.

8. I desperately want to be one of Tolkien’s elves.*

*I distinctly wrote Tolkien, not Peter Jackson. Never mind.

9. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, and Robin McKinley are my favorite.

10. I am an avid defender of Boromir.

11. I love forests, mountains, rivers, and hiking.

12. I am the manager/head bookseller for an indie bookstore in West Michigan. I also tend the wine and espresso bars, order books, and handle customer service.

13. I love to dance but I am really, really, bad at it. Favorite dancing music includes Fitz and the Tantrums, Bigbang (yes, the Korean band), Walk the Moon, Frank Sinatra, and more . . .

My dancing level – TOP in this gif (far right end)

14. In my opinion, The Four Loves is the only book on love you need to read.

15. I love road trips. I will set off on 500+ mile drives with little warning.

16. I dream about going to Japan, Korea, and the UK (and basically everywhere) and doing novel research.

17. I love rain.

18. Empty beaches, forests, and foggy cemeteries are the best places to be alone and think.

19. I read my first MARVEL comic when I was 8 or 9. It was my Dad’s vintage Thor issue that he didn’t remember having. The love was Disney instant. MARVEL comics and characters are still some of my favorites.

20. I love world mythology and folktales.

21. I really wanted to be a comic book artist until I realized that I was too lazy to draw the same character more than twice.

22. Pinterest. The only “social media” I excel at.

23. I have played several sports, but the only one I’m any good at is soccer.

24. Honor is a big deal with me. Zuko speaks my language.

25. I like odd better than even.

26. Books are better than movies. Period. Music is also better than movies.

27. I will give almost any book or author a chance. I read with an open mind.

28. I really, really, like gifs and parentheses. Ooh, and italics! And food. And music (did I mention that already?)

29. Someday I plan on rewriting The Boy Who Wanted to Learn Fear , among other things.

30. I frequently reread The Lord of the Rings

31. I’ll know I’ve made it when someone let’s me have my own fashion line . . .

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