JUNE ATE ME FOR LUNCH (My Month – Recapped)

I might as well just post this title and go home. But even though it tells you what my month was like, it doesn’t tell you what my month was like.

Here are some gifs to help explain that:

Getting the idea?

I did write ONE June Post – the required Beautiful People, featuring the doctor from my WIP. So I will still consider this a valid entry for the Wrap-Up Round-Up Monthly link-up with Nicole from Feed Your Fiction Addiction.

ANYHOW, there were a lot of reasons I wasn’t on the blog – and the biggest one was a forced relocation to my parents’ upper room. (See May Rewind). So my sister and I couldn’t find a place fast enough, and my parents were kind enough to take us back. The problem is, there are already a lot of people crowded into my parents’ small space, and it’s double the distance from both of my jobs. The perks? I love my family, and they have internet. *Proceeded to binge watch Tokyo Ghoul *

So it’s a little like living in The Burrow – only without magic.

That was the worst news of June (best news soon) – but I have also been extremely busy at both jobs. June – August is always a crazy period at the Book Nook, with Harry Potter Camp and two music festivals in that short period. June has the West Michigan Wine and Jazz Festival, which brings in jazz musicians and singers from all over the country. It’s a lot of fun (and great music), but rather exhausting.

And while I’m talking about music (which I do a lot, I realize), my sister and I had a break from the moving stress and went to see Fitz & The Tantrums at Meijer Gardens. They. Were. Awesome. The Meijer Garden’s Amphitheater is a huge outdoor venue (and it was packed), with rental seating, or you can bring low-backed chairs and sit/stand on the grass. Grace and I managed to get on the second step up, so about 10-15 feet from the stage, which was perfect. The evening started out with indie California rock band Finish Ticket. I’d never heard of them, but they were fantastic, with stellar musicians and an extremely powerful vocalist. They came out the gate with music and vocals that were completely on point and effortless. Needless to say, I bought their mini album/LP, and I’ve really been enjoying it.

But of course, I was there for F & T. I’ve never seen them live, but I’ve been a follower/fan since 2013 (when they released their second LP), so three years of loving their music made me anticipate the live show. I WAS SO EXCITED.

And guys – they were AWESOME.

Vocals, to energy, to crowd interaction, to general quality – it was in the top 5 performances I’ve ever seen on every level. Added to this, the sound quality, lights, and atmosphere were perfect.

And it was so much fun – Fitz ” (with his co-vocalist Noelle Scaggs – who is a phenomenal soul/pop singer, and a handful of extraordinary musicians) wouldn’t let us sit still and be stodgy, complacent listeners (which my sister and I usually are). He got everyone on their feet in seconds, and Noelle’s dancing (and urging of the crowd to dance) was contagious enough for my sister and I to at least bob our heads and tap our feet.

Zion T. is an accurate representation of our public dancing 😛

*Hey, they got us to ‘handclap’ for Handclap, so they need an award here. I think it would take me about twenty years to learn the actual Handclap dance . . .*


So in short – if you like dance-y soul pop you should check out Fitz & The Tantrums!

(Start with Fools Gold, Out of My League, Dear Mr. President, Tricky, Walking Target . . .)

And speaking of dancing – this crazy video also happened in June.

Every time I watch EXO dance, I am somewhere between awe and despair. HOW EVEN GUYS?? How can you move (or not move) like that? Cordinationally-challenged individuals like myself can only dream.

And on the subject of dreaming AND concerts – BIGBANG keep spamming innocent international fans with all of the cool stuff they’re doing for their 10th Anniversary in Korea, China, and Japan – and it all looks miserably awesome. And far away. Thanks guys

ANYHOW – in non-music related stuff- I was in one of my best friend’s wedding the first week of June.

A lovely shot of the bride and groom that I creepily pilfered from someone's Facebook
A lovely shot of the bride and groom that I creepily pilfered from someone’s Facebook

It was beautiful and everything went well, so that was an answer to many prayers. And no one fainted, though I actually locked my knees for the first time in my life 😛


This picture is actually mine – but the poor quality is my phone 🙁



I am still waiting to see all the pictures . . . I was too busy to take many myself. But the most important thing is that it all went off without a hitch, and that she is now happily married and relocated with her groom to Indiana (and now I have another person to visit on my spontaneous roadtrips!!)




I HAVE A CUTE NEPHEW. And thus, one of my lifelong dreams is realized: I now have a nephew AND a niece. William Charles was born on June 30th, and he’s absolutely precious. It is a great testimony to my willpower that i didn’t ditch work, jump in my car, and speed down south at once. Instead, I am consoling myself in many, many cute baby pictures. I will now commence buying adorable little boy clothes and biding my time until I can dart off to see him.

What’s Next?:

Well, Lord-willing, Knight of the Blue Surcoat is still set for an August release (though the publisher contacted me to tell me there might be a small delay . . .?), and when I know more, I’ll tell you.

And July – there’s Harry Potter Camp (prepping like a wizard studying for O.W.L.S right now), and a new Beautiful People (which I’ll use another one of the Seven Sisters for), and maybe, maybe, a cute nephew to go see?? (If I can pull time off out of my ears, maybe). And I’m almost done with my readthrough of TLCS, so I’ll enter the actual editing phase next (June didn’t happen). OH – AND BOOKS TO READ. I basically read a pile of manga in June. It was the only thing I had time/attention span for. But I’m hopeful for July (Blood for Blood – just started it!). And I’m still plugging along at my Korean studies and research (more about that eventually), despite having the attention span of a two-year-old and no time. I’m sort of hoping that I’ll just absorb it from the unhealthy amounts of music I listen to . . .

Despite my busy schedule, my parents’ internet means you’ll probably see a little more of me (though what state I’ll be in – that’s uncertain).

Happy July! Keep Reading and Writing!

Soooo – any summer/fall concerts planned for you? What are you reading or writing? Have you made it to the beach yet (sadly, I haven’t)? Any new bands or songs you’re liking? (Summer is the perfect time for windows down and speakers UP)



14 thoughts on “JUNE ATE ME FOR LUNCH (My Month – Recapped)”

  1. New Nephew, CONGRATS! <3 I hope you get to see him soon!

    Your book store sounds like the best place: Harry Potter Camp? Would love to be there! What sorts of things do you do for it?

    I hope you're able to find a new place that's closer to both your jobs, though I understand this time of year is probably too busy to search around much.

    Glad to hear you've been able to get alot done on TLCS, and I'm excited to learn when Knight in the Blue Surcoat is coming out! I'll be away for the first week and a half of August, but I really want to help announce its new release. 🙂
    I hope you have a good July, Rebekah! I can't wait to hear what you think of Blood for Blood!

    1. I really liked Blood for Blood – it was different from Wolf by Wolf in the best way, and it finally convinced me to like Luka, lol

  2. Yay for a new nephew! Babies are always such a source of joy. I hope you get to meet him soon!

    Also glad to hear your friend’s wedding went smoothly! I still can’t believe my friend’s is less than 2 months away now. It’s going to go by so fast…

    Glad to hear you and your sister have a temporary place to live. It doesn’t sound ideal (I don’t know about you, but I’d be dying for personal space if I lived anywhere like the Burrow!), but at least you have somewhere to go. Are you looking for your own place in the meantime?

    As always, keep me posted about Knight of the Blue Surcoat. You know I’m ready and willing to help if I can. 😉

    To answer your questions at the end…

    1. Josh Groban. Sarah McLachlan. July 30th. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    2. You know what I’m working on writing-wise. In terms of reading, I’m about 1/3 of the way through Marie Lu’s Legend. It’s not bad so far. I have a lot of world-building and history related questions right now, so I hope they’re resolved / explained soon.

    3. I have indeed made it to the beach! In fact, the last time I was down the Cape visiting my parents, we watched fireworks from one of the local beaches. 😀

    4. I’m still in a Katatonia mood (love their new album and been revisiting their older ones, too), but I’m also prepping from the Josh Groban / Sarah McLachlan concert by listening to their songs. And last night I found out Lindsey Stirling has a new album coming out next month. Yay!

    Hope all is well and not too stressful with you. Good luck whenever you start revising / editing TLCS!

  3. WOW busy, busy, BUSY month for you! I hope your July has calmed down a bit and you have a bit more time for yourself! Fitz and the Tantrums concert looks and sounds amazing so i’m glad you had a wonderful time! Congrats on your new nephew as well!! I bet you’re the cool aunt 😉

    1. I don’t know how cool I am (it’s debatable and always in flux), but I do try, occasionally 🙂


      Well, July is officially over, and I can’t say I miss it, lol. But August might be a bit less busy . . . *gulp

      Thanks for reading/stopping by!

  4. Yay! Congrats on your nephew! And I am really sorry that you have to move in with your parents for a bit. I can’t even imagine moving back in. But I know you will have good times!

    1. Aww, thanks! I actually get on great with my family, over all, it’s just a bit of a space strain on everyone. Thanks for reading/stopping by!

    2. It’s not so bad, honestly! I just miss the space and my allergies are terrible here 🙂

      My nephew is so precious – I just wish that I had more time to spend with him!!!

      Thanks for reading/stopping by 🙂

  5. While it may seem like a step backwards moving back in with the ‘rents can have its perks so it’s not all doom and gloom! So glad you enjoyed the Fitza and the Tantrums concert it sounds like you and your sister had a fantastic time which is really great to hear especially since it seems like your June wasn’t all that great. Congrats on your new nephew, I’m sure it’s such an exciting time right now in your family so enjoy the new adventures with your family’s gorgeous new addition!

    1. I love my parents and my family, so it’s not the spending time thing that gets me -it’s the crowd 😛 Readjusting is just tricky. But I’m just glad I have somewhere to go!!

      Thanks for reading/stopping by 🙂

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